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Web Summit Lisbon 2022 the Biggest Ever

The Web Summit 2022 opens its doors on Tuesday, November 1st, at FIL (Lisbon International Fair), extending until the 4th, Friday, announcing the "biggest edition ever".

Held annually since 2009, initially in Dublin, Ireland, known as the Dublin Web Summit, and since 2016 in the Portuguese capital, the technology, innovation and business conference has already had the presence of exponents such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.

Founded by Paddy Cosgrave, Daire Hickey and David Kelly, the Web Summit is one of the biggest technology, innovation and entrepreneurship events in the world and has evolved in less than six years from a team of just three people to a company with more than 150 employees.

Web Summit Lisbon will continue to be hosted in Lisbon until at least 2028 as Web Summit and the Portuguese government announced a 10-year partnership. Negotiations are said to be ongoing to extend this deadline.

More than 70,000 participants from more than 160 countries are expected and the number of companies will exceed 2,600, most of them the so-called "start ups", companies in an early stage of development that are going to the Web Summit looking for investors .

Why will 70,000+ gather in Lisbon?
Three reasons: incredible speakers, unparalleled networking opportunities, and proprietary software that will maximize your experience, says the organization.

As “Europe’s biggest tech conference.”, according to Reuters, the Web Summit Lisbon, is an annual tech conference that has grown to become the biggest European technology conference and the largest tech innovation global marketplace in the world.

It brings together stakeholders and major players on the Internet and technology industries with participants ranging from Fortune 500 companies to tech startups. It also attracts angel investors, corporate big wigs and international journalists.

What can you find at Web Summit?
Web Summit involves various mini-conferences which focus on different topics like marketing, music, cryptocurrency, international business, health and more.

Other mini-conferences you will have access to at Web Summit this year.
PandaConf is generally designed to cater to marketers. Many speakers invited to speak for this part of the conference are usually global Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) of leading brands in the world with most of their speeches themed around marketing, branding and digital advertising.
Content Makers
Content Makers brings together the world’s most popular content creators who discuss how you can monetize your content and grow your audience.
Growth Summit
Growth Summit brings together the fastest growing companies in the world. In this section, CEOs of different companies tell their story on how they have been able to grow their businesses and the challenges they faced.

In the spotlight, as always, will be multiple conferences on different stages and formats, totaling around 1,000 speakers, including Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, and Changpeng Zhao, CZ "for friends", the Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur who founded and leads Binance, the cryptocurrency giant.

Among the Portuguese speakers, several political leaders stand out, with a "captive place" at the Web Summit, such as Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, António Costa, Carlos Moedas or Fernando Medina, in addition to other figures from different sectors, from the outset leaders of large companies such as the executive president of TAP, the president of GALP or the CEO of EDP, Miguel Stilwell de Andrade.

Web Summit attracts professionals in the tech world and could be of interest to the following groups of people:

Tech enthusiasts
angel investors
Tech startups
business owners

If you are also interested in networking or looking for some business opportunities and partnership with startups, Web Summit Lisbon is a good place to do that as well.

One of the central objectives of the event is to help connect those who have projects and ideas, but need investment, and, on the other hand, those who have money to invest and are looking for good opportunities to monetize that capital. Only Portuguese "start ups" will be a hundred.

This year's edition will be the first "normal edition" since 2019, because of the pandemic. Last year the capacity was still limited and a vaccination certificate was required. This year the capacity was sold out well in advance.

As in previous years, public transport in Lisbon was reinforced with special attention to the population participating in this event and there are special transport routes to and from the Web Summit.

For those who have freedom of movement and take the opportunity to move freely and get to know the surroundings of Lisbon or even other regions of Portugal, there is always the possibility of using a Portugal car hire, with online reservation, and which can be picked up at Lisbon airport or at selected locations in the city.