The Algarve is a beautiful region located in the southernmost part of Portugal, famous for its stunning coastline, picturesque towns and villages, and year-round sunshine. Here are some useful pieces of information for visitors:

  1. Climate: The Algarve has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. Temperatures can reach over 30°C in the summer months (June to September), making it an ideal destination for beach-goers.

  2. Beaches: The Algarve is famous for its beautiful beaches, some of which are considered among the best in Europe. Popular beaches include Praia da Rocha, Praia do Vau, and Praia de Benagil.

  3. Accommodation: There is a wide range of accommodation options available in the Algarve, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses and apartments. Popular towns for accommodation include Lagos, Albufeira, and Vilamoura.

  4. Food: The Algarve is known for its delicious seafood dishes, particularly grilled sardines, octopus, and prawns. There are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available.

  5. Activities: There is a range of activities to enjoy in the Algarve, including water sports, golf, hiking, and cycling. You can also visit the various historic and cultural sites such as the Moorish castle in Silves and the Roman ruins of Milreu.

  6. Getting around: The best way to get around the Algarve is by renting a car so you can be free to explore the region at your own peace, as public transport can be limited. Car hire is widely available at Faro airport, and there are several international and local companies to choose from. Portugal Cars is a local Faro car hire established since 2002 at Faro airport and all over the Algarve.

  7. Language: The official language of Portugal is Portuguese, but English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

  8. Currency: Portugal uses the euro (€) as its currency, and there are plenty of ATMs and exchange bureaus throughout the Algarve.

  9. Safety: The Algarve is considered a safe destination, but as with any tourist destination, it's always best to take the usual precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

  10. Tipping: Tipping is not mandatory in Portugal, but it is customary to round up the bill or leave a small amount for good service.

Here are some of the main cities and towns to visit in the Algarve:

  1. Faro: The capital city of the Algarve and the region's main transportation hub. It has a charming historic center, a picturesque marina, and a number of museums and churches to visit.

  2. Lagos: A historic coastal town known for its beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs, and historic sites such as the Lagos Castle and the Slave Market Museum.

  3. Albufeira: One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Algarve, known for its lively nightlife, sandy beaches, and old town center.

  4. Portimão: A busy port town with a lively atmosphere, home to one of the region's largest and most popular beaches, Praia da Rocha.

  5. Tavira: A charming town with a historic center and a 13th-century castle. It is known for its picturesque streets, churches, and bridges over the Gilão River.

  6. Vilamoura: A modern resort town with a marina, golf courses, and a wide range of restaurants and bars.

  7. Sagres: A small fishing village on the western tip of the Algarve, known for its dramatic coastline and rugged cliffs. It is also a popular spot for surfing and other water sports.

These are just some of the many towns and cities worth visiting in the Algarve, each offering a unique experience and a different perspective on this beautiful region of Portugal.

The Algarve is famous for its beautiful long sandy beaches and warm waters , and here are some of the best ones to visit:

  1. Praia da Rocha: One of the most popular beaches in the Algarve, with a wide stretch of golden sand, crystal-clear water, and stunning rock formations.

  2. Praia de Benagil: A small but picturesque cove, with clear waters and a cave that can be visited by boat or kayak.

  3. Praia do Vau: A beautiful, secluded beach with soft sand and crystal-clear waters, surrounded by cliffs and natural vegetation.

  4. Meia Praia: A long and wide beach, perfect for long walks and water sports. It is located near Lagos and offers stunning views of the Alvor estuary.

  5. Praia do Camilo: A small but beautiful beach, accessed via a staircase carved into the cliffs. It offers clear blue water, a small tunnel, and an arch.

  6. Ilha de Tavira: A long, sandy island that can only be reached by boat. It has calm waters, dunes, and a relaxed atmosphere.

  7. Praia do Ancão: A wide and spacious beach, located near the Ria Formosa natural park. It has soft sand, calm waters, and a range of beach bars and restaurants.

These are just some of the many beautiful beaches in the Algarve, each with its own unique charm and character.


We will regularly update these pages with new information about more places of tourist interest to visit in the Algarve.
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